What Did You Do With Your Jeepster Today?


Bigger Hammer
Oct 5, 2020
Alliance, OH
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  3. CJ
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  1. 1946
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  3. 1950
  4. 1955
Weather in NE Ohio getting better every day. Got the other spring things my sweetheart wanted done.
So my turn......Today I woke up the ‘50 Jeepster after a long winters nap .
Had filled the tank with pure gas, added Stabil for good measure, treated the L6-161 with an engine fogging at fall storage, kept the 6v. battery bench charged over the winter.
Today dropped in the battery, made connection, drizzled 2 tbsp gas in the carb, pulled the choke, crossed my fingers, turned the key and Varrrruuuummmmm she immediately fired up and idled perfectly, oil pressure normal, let her warm up, checked critical areas for leakage, none, went for a drive. Man o man how sweet it is.
Received a box of small parts goodies from Walcks yesterday so I can finalize work I began last summer reviving and getting her running after the purchase following a 15 year nap in the PO garage. Still needs period tires and a good paint job back to her factory colors (maroon & black) to finish.


Bigger Hammer
Jun 28, 2015
Mount Vernon IL
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  1. Jeepster
Willys Year:
  1. 1949
Just got back from doing some errands around town. It isn't a convertible because I only have the top bows, so my wife says it isn't a convertible. It's a beater but its on the road. This was before I got the rear filler pan between the bumper and body. And different wheels.


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