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Jun 6, 2010
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Hi, I am new to Willys and this forum. I now have a 53 4wd pickup that I have wanted and tried to buy since approx 1979. I has been sitting since about 1984. Mr. Davis, the former owner would have someone get it running about every 5 years or so. All I had to do was a little carb work and plumb in a temp gas tank and it fired right up. I am exited about the project. I intend to bring it back to a safe operating condition and put it back in limited service. Mr. Davis's son was going to "fix it up", and took most of the interior apart and installed a very out of place little deep dish steering wheel. A few things are missing that need to be replaced, a original type steering wheel, door window trim and the seat is gone. The main drivability issues are the steering box is worn all the way out. The brakes will need a total overhaul. Needs a complete rewire. Needs a replacement gas tank and new fuel lines. It needs some form of seat. I look forward to learning more about Willys and 4wd systems from you guys. Oh yes this is my first 4wd also. Thanks, Bart
Welcome to the forum Bart-

You have just entered the "Opportunity Zone"...it sounds like a bunch to do, take each problem and tackle it...glad you are here on the Forum....I'm in Lawrenceville, GA 30043 so if I can help let me know.... '62 Wagon
Welcome to the board. Sounds like you got an interesting truck going there....
We have all kinds of input for ya here.