Water pump rebuild?


Sharpest Tool
Mar 11, 2010
Central IL
Willys Model
  1. Pickup
Willys Year:
  1. 1962
Hey, friends--
I am getting an occasional noise that sounds like bearings to me from the front of the engine, especially right when i start it up. I think it sounds like it is coming from the water pump. That has me looking ahead at a possible rebuild. A quick look online finds replacement pumps, but I didn't see any rebuild kits at first look. Two questions: how is the rebuild? (Worth the time/money?); If it is worth doing, anyone have a lead on where I can get parts/kit (6-226)?

Thanks for your insight!

Rebuilt pumps for the 226 are readily available, I got one from the local NAPA for around $45 exchange. The pump for Kaiser Supersonic 226 engines is the same.
Might also check the generator, it has oil cups at each end. Mine seized and locked up tight about 100 miles after I bought my wagon...