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Bigger Hammer
May 13, 2010
San Jose, CA
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I understand that Willys offered, as an option, perhaps dealer installed, a windshield washer system. I have a 55 truck and am 90% convinced that the hole I had between the hood and widnshield, centered, was for the washer nozzel sprayer. Actually I took a gamble on a Jeep version from the 60"s and it fit perfectly.

In looking at the parts list, under options, they do list a kit of sorts. I beleive it to likely be a trico version, popular in the era plus they made the windshield wiper vacuum motor.

Does anyone have any knowledge to share on this, or perhaps an actual photo of one installed, both under the hood and also dashboard?

Thanks Ron
my 61 has a mechanical foot operated washer fluid pump. same location where the normal foot operated dimmer switch would be . it leaks fluid so i have an electric unit in it's place. i'll try to post pics after work.
I parted out a wagon with a trico vacuum washer installed on the pass inner fender but it looked like a homemade bracket. There is no switch added, it hooks up to the unused port on the factory vacuum wiper motor. When you the switch all the way past high speed it would send vacumm to the washer pump.