Wagon Tailgate Repair with a Bonus

Nice work. Been debating about cutting my tailgat open to pop the dents out lucky for me littel rust.
Thanks. Your one of the lucky few to have little rust in the tailgate.

Quick update: I split the different on the hinge and it looks fine. I took the splash panel off and added some shims to passenger side to minimize difference I had between the splash pan and the rear quarter panel. It still needs some filler, but I had to throw everything back together to get it ready for an off road trip so I didn't have time to finish the body work in that area.

I'll add some pictures soon; hopefully from the trail so I can also prove this thing actually does leave the garage once in awhile.

Probably just going to leave the inside of the tailgate as is because I'm leaning towards covering it with carpet and I've got bigger fish to fry elsewhere on the Wagon.
That's my biggest problemn even the big fish a a miriad of littel ones and I cann't not deal with them. :beer:
Well I forgot to get a close up picture of the tailgate area when out on this run, but this Wagon looks better when viewed from afar anyway. This would be the 'before' picture.

This would be the 'after' picture. After I tagged a rock wall on the way down a rutted hill.

On the up side, the Wagon ran great. For it's first off road shake down run (since putting in a new radiator) I'm pretty happy with how it performed. We went through some areas much more difficult than I was planning on. Looks like I have another "Weekend Update" type project to add to my to do list.
OUCH, quit it. :lol: Nice to see a shot of the wagon in it's element. Ain't it cool? :thumbup:
Can you buy that splash panel somewhere. I am thinking about making my own, but it would be easier if they made an aftermarket one.
rhiggins said:
Can you buy that splash panel somewhere. I am thinking about making my own, but it would be easier if they made an aftermarket one.

I got mine from Walcks 4WD. There may be other vendors that sell them. I don't remember how much I shopped around when I bought mine. The fitment issue I was having were due to my Wagon, not any kind of problem with the replacement panel.

It went very smooth for me at the DMV. Maybe I was just lucky. I know some people who have had trouble with it, but I think it boils down to how savvy the DMV employee is that you happen to get. I went prepared with all the paperwork, print outs of the DMV code that allows it, a step by step process I got from a website, etc., but I didn't need to do anything extra.

My advice is that if you are having a hard time with it at a certain DMV office, just bail on it and try a different office in a different city. If you are buying some plates, be sure to verify that they are "cleared" by calling the DMV to check.

Wow, it's been a year already & I still haven't finished fixing that dent! Too many projects.
Man with the work you did wth the tailgate I thought you'd have that dent licked by now!

Mike I spotted two nice wagons out this way during the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari buddy of mine snapped some shots for me. Hope to be one of them next year!
Motivation on the Wagon comes and goes. I'm having trouble with the tranny throttle valve kickdown right now, so the cosmetics will have to wait.

I ran into a guy with a green Willys Wagon at last year's Desert Safari when that dent happened. I see the primer grey one that was there this weekend is now for sale on Craigslist. I was on the fence about going this year, but decided it was going to be too dusty for my kids. We had a VERY dusty weekend at Ocotillo Wells over Thanksgiving so I was gun shy about the crowd.

Yeah man, as soon as you're ready we can meet up out there and run some trails.
Oh ya! saw the grey primered one at Am Pm and saw a bad @$$ orange one!

Got to get this wagon going almost all the rigs drive past my house, makes me want to get out there!
Don't fix that dent, it's character....it says I use my Willys and it's tough as nails....great looking Willys Wagon and it sure is sweat to see a Wagon on the job....great pic. You ca not buy character....carry on safely