Wagon body weight???

Eric B

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Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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Any one have an idea how much a Wagon body weighs? I am gonna be pulling mine off soon and just need to know how many mouths I am going to need to feed to get it off.

Are we talking 800 lbs or 2000 lbs.....

4 guys lifted my '51 off & one guy to give orders....without glass, 2 doors, interior or tailgate however....it was gutted...have saw horse ready...Today I would need 6 to 8 friends, we all are getting older. And food isn't what motivates my friends... :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:bathroom break :beer: :beer:bathroom break :beer: bathroom break ... hic-up :beer: :beer: you get the idea....TAXI PLEASE!
Even on my rotisserie it's heavy, I think the frame came up 2" when the body came off. I have also figured out that :beer: before the work usually ends up with too much bench wheelin :lol: , so I try to get some work out of helpers, THEN I bring out the :beer: :twisted:
I usually don't bring the :beer: out till the work is done then, I let people get stupid. Just not a firm believer in :beer: and power tools....
So I guess it sounds like I am gonna 5-6 guys to make this happen.
You are absolutely right Eric, never pay the help until after the work has been done....then you sit back and syphor...
Can't move to Minnesota. Just bought the house here in the Springs. The garage is storage for the project being worked on. The side of the house under a car cover will be storage area along with back yard.
Will see how this pans out though.

Got the request for help to get the body off this coming weekend.
We'll see if it happens...
WIll have wife take pics of the ordeal that's for sure.
Jbing...Being that my wife and I where born and raised in northern Minnesota...I don't believe I will be moving there anytime soon. However you are welcome to bring your project south and enjoy some southern hospitality.
Eric...look forward in seeing pictures of the project - body off frame...then when you are finished stop over here and lift mine off...I can't do it, 3 back surgeries - latest was titanium rod fusion...

Sorry to hear that I still think I am young and dumb, but the wife calls me an old man for some reason or another. I will do what I can on the pics if and when it comes off. I really want it off this weekend... Would give me a fresh new look at it and then be able to get started on the rear end working forward....
I was stationed in GA for a few years, I enjoyed the south quite a bit, sometimes I wish I would have stayed down there! I wish you luck Eric, I wish I was closer, I need more hands on time with this stuff. My 50 is buried in an enchanted woodland of wonder and despair under a thousand feet of snow right now.
I put the arm of my engine hoist thru the side window, put 2x12's on top of the arm and raised the body a few inches. The frame rolled out easily on the brake drums. Drive train and steering column were removed first.
thanks for the input on thru the body, I still have the driveline stuck in mine. I have to pull the steering colum, tranny shifter, and tcase shifter and it should be ready to come off. Will see how it goes. Got almost enough hands ready to get it done though... still need 2-3 more though...
I don't have the luxury of having more than 1 friend. I stopped paying my rent (1-800-rentafriend) :lol:
Here is a way you could do it:
Go to harbor freight and get 4 bottle jacks, and some 2x6's. Attach a small piece of 2x4 with a hole drilled the size of the jack to the 2x6 at every jack point so the jack doesn't slip off.
Jack the body up several inches to clear, and roll out the frame. Lower the body down onto some dollies (HF) so you can roll it around.
Might be cheaper than :beer: for 6, although not as much fun ;)
10 AM is gonna be kinda early for :beer: atleast to the ones that think ahead.
still working on the overall logistics in my head that is for sure.
Got it off!!!!!

Had a total of 7 of us there, biggest hang up was the pedals.

The doors were still in it, and the tailgate glass. Ball park for future reference 800-900 would prolly be a good guess. I was suprised to see how much the rear frame came up when that body as lifted off though.

No in action removal pics, wife went shopping and the camera batteries died will get some up later this week.