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Oct 23, 2009
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I am taking a break from the drivetrain work to work on the dash and firewall. My question to those who still use the factory wipers is is there a rubber insulator of some sort over the drive tab on the vaccum motor before it gets bolted to the driven mechanism on the firewall. It appears to be too loose without something in there and would wear rapidly without a plastic or rubber insulator. My wagon came without a vaccum motor but I picked one up at a swapmeet. I can't find anything listed in any online catalogs.
jnichols said:
... I picked one up at a swapmeet...

Not sure about the washer you are asking about, but if you find that the vacuum motor that you found doesn't work, these guys do a great job of rebuilding them:

I had them rebuild one and the wipers work better than the electric wipers on my modern cars.

What I am talking about wouldn't be a washer. If you were to remove the wiper motor from the mechanism on the firewall you would find the shaft on the motor that goes back and forth to drive the wipers has two tabs sticking out of it, looks kinda like a bowtie. This fits into a matching shape hole on the firewall mechanism. Only mine doesn't fit tight at all.I was thinking there might be a rubber piece that fits over the wiper motor shaft and into the firewall bit, to prevent wear on the two halves. kind of like the rubber "spider" in a lovejoy style coupler. But perhaps there are different sizes and I have the wrong one for my year.
The wiper motor I bought works great otherwise, and I see your wipers link and raise you with this one..
The above site also has a short description of painting wood grain that I am thinking about trying on the inset areas on the body for a woody look.
This is all I have as far as diagrams.
The mechanics manual doesn't say anything about it. Would need to look in the parts manual, but I don't have one yet.

See the 2 things at 3:00 and 9:00 in the pic. Look like rubber pads to me. Maybe you could center the mechanism, and fill the void with silicone and let it set up.


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There should be 2 plastic box like sleaves that fit over the ends of the drive on the motor.Anything to fill the gap should work
Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks to both of you. I think I will try a layer or two of heat shrink tubing and see how that works.