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Oct 23, 2009
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Need assistance with vaccum line routing. Not much in manual I can find.
Stock set up 226 with two barrel carb.
From pics I've seen of other 226's looks like vaccum advance runs off top vaccum section of fuel pump? Or should this hook to carb?
Where does wiper vaccum hook up? Carb?
Small hole at top of intake manifold with what looks to be convex flared receptor. Anything supposed to connect there? If not should it be plugged/capped?
As always much thanks for the help.

After a little more checking....

Vaccum advance line connects to base of carb.
Windshield wiper connects to fuel pump?
I know on a 6-230 the vacuum line goes from the intake manifold to the top of the fuel/vac pump. One side says man and other says wiper, it goes to wiper. The vacuum advance on mine is a hard line from the same tee fitting that goes to the top of the fuel/vac pump.
On my 226, the vacuum advance line on the distributor runs to a port on the two barrel carb body, located on the front just above the junction of the base and the body.
Hey Greg,
There are a couple of other posts that seem to require engine pics as well, so I'm putting a few of mine in here for you.
As you might see, I have an electric wiper, but for vacuum wipers the unit runs off of the Fuel Pump vacuum side.
The vacuum advance - as stated - runs from distributor to carb at the front

The hole - are you sure it's at the top of the "intake" manifold?? If so, somebody put it there, but I don't know what for. If it's a hole in the "exhaust" manifold, it's for a hot air tube that runs to the choke assembly on the carburetor. If you are not using an automatic choke, then don't worry about it. Mine is missing as well; but not for long. :)


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