Underbody finish?


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Feb 6, 2010
Ann Arbor MI.
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1961
Wondering what people have done or are planning to do to finish off the underside of the body. For those that aren't familiar with my resto, it is a complete frame off. So, I can finish off all the underside however I want. Options are; body color, flat black, semi gloss black, black undercoating, or some sort of bedliner type material like rhino lining.

I'm leaning towards just semi gloss black as that will be easiest to keep clean and touch up if needed. The undercoating or bedliner material might be nice for sound deadening but I worry about how easy it will clean if I do get stupid and try some mud bogging with my freshly restored Willys. :)

I used a Black Gutter Seam Sealer, purchased at Home Depot for all my seams...Some POR 15 on areas of surface rust and new metal, I tried some spay on under-coating and got more of it on me than the underside, so I don't recomend it...Bedliner isn't cheap, but I'm using some in the wheel wells ( Herculiner ) and it grabs great! I, like you, want a no hassle under carriage, I figure preasure wash and Black Spray Paint for maintenance...
I'm trying to decide the same thing. I used POR-15 on a truck frame a couple of years ago. I found that if I had to take something apart, I had to touch up the POR and that proved to be a pain. On my wagon I will probably wire brush and scrape everything and use good old Rustoleum.
I will use the thing that I did on the Bed... I'm doing the cab this week on my 64 pickup and I will use rust bullet with a top coat of black tractor paint it's tuff and touch up are easy !!