Two Random Willy's Questions and a quick fix


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Dec 7, 2009
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So what's with the fine thread bolts for everything. I can see where it matters and you need that little bit more holding power.. But for things like holding up the gas tank?

And secondly, my station wagon pitman arm ball end (from the steering box to the connecting tube) isn't round, it's more like a football. Should it be round and if so, who has the best round ones.

And for he quick fix, I get tired of my clutch and brake pedals floppying all over the place so I clamped em in my mill and made them slighly bigger and a whole lot more square[attachment=1:1wz7yjgr]millbrake.jpg[/attachment:1wz7yjgr]. Go some hardened bushing and low teap braised them in. Nice each afternoon project that makes a big difference. [attachment=0:1wz7yjgr]brakeend.jpg[/attachment:1wz7yjgr] (At least to me).


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Sep 21, 2009
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No answer for the fine thread issue, except for what you have already mentioned. As far as the ball end; yes, it should be "round". I have not heard of any shops or restoration places that sell these. Your best bet maybe is to check wrecking yards, or maybe someone here has an extra. The bushing fix looks great. Must be nice to have equipment like that. Bushings are available from the most of the Willys shops, so you may have had to put a bit too much work in to that one. :D I'm a big fan of self sustainment though. The more one can do on his own, the better. Excellent work.


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Nov 15, 2009
Alpine, TX
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I've got several extra pedals if someone needs them. You can purchase new bronze bushings for them and would be good as new.
I don't think shipping would be too much.