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Dec 2, 2010
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could'nt find the answer thru a search, will the 40's style flatter front fenders fit on a 50's style front end? I like the flatter look more, and if they swap, i'd be cheaper buying 2 fenders that 1 wagon.

thanks in advance,
You would have to swap the entire front clip to make it fit. The grill and hood are all different and the fenders would not match up correctly with 51 clip. I could be wrong but I think I'm correct on this. I want to swap a 48 Wagon front clip onto a CJ model but I'm not sure about the width. Good luck
As above. The fenders will bolt right on but need to run the early, 47-50, grille and hood as well.
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So older flat fenders are a no-go with the later 'V' style grill?
Brant said:
White55, are you saying my wife has a big butt? :lol: <8^)

I think he is just saying that you have really skinny legs... :shock:

That picture (avatar) is nasty.....I mean doesn't even look like a Willys....maybe his name is Willy, poor - happy guy....but it still is nasty.
You will either need to do some serious metal work to the fenders or locate an old set, they will not fit up to a newer style grill, but a guy who is willing to do some metal work can make anything happen. Look at the pics and see how the grill fits up, the shape changed when they reformed the fenders.



Not a huge change, but will leave a gap unless some patches are made. As to your pictures if you take out the material going up and down on the front of the fenders it may cause them to move going down the road and start cracking.
I say it can be done without any modification or patches or fillers and I would be willing to bet some cash on this one.
The only early style I have seen up close have two flats where they meet up with the grill and the later style have a gradual curve. This pic is better than the first early pic I put up.
So I guess I need to let that dream die. :cry:

Thanks all.
Two flat fenders, pointed grill and hood gradual curve,no modification, did I mention I am willing to bet on this?
Since I don't know body work, I hope you're volunteering :cheers:

Jorp said:
Two flat fenders, pointed grill and hood gradual curve,no modification, did I mention I am willing to bet on this?

So how do you over come that the 47-49 grille, where the lower fender bolts too, are two straight line with one angle and the later models are not straight but curve?
Notice the outside line of the ealy grille below compared with the later underneath it.

Since it has been two months and no one will take me up on my bet I will show you how its done, Bolt them togeter! :mrgreen:


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The grille was still altered as you can see the primed sections where you need to make the changes mentioned.
OK, let's put this one to rest. I'm posting a photo of Midnight Burn's later model front end. I don't have any close ups of my own. Here we can plainly see that the early and late model grille MATING sides are definitely different and ARE NOT interchangeable, without modification.
Steve[attachment=0:i3uebjmq]Midnight burns front end.jpg[/attachment:i3uebjmq]


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I bought this wagon over ten years ago and it isn't in my possession, i haven't seen it for three years and when i seen it three years ago I was shocked to see that it had a pointed grill i thought that the grill was flat too so I realized that I have an unusual one since this thread came out i knew that I all ready had what Brant was asking about so I have been bugging the guy that has it to get me pics, i just finely just got them. So now that I finely have pics I brought this thread backup to show them, When I looked at the front on pic I seen the primer/body and realized that it was a mod, I could of just posted the side view and BSed every one. So for myself I like the look so when I build it I will only "have to bolt it up" and Brant since I have this set up pm me and I will help you out.