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Oct 23, 2009
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Can someone toss up a photo of installed transmission mount for PU stock 226 w/T-90 to frame?

Buiilding upward I've got
Cross member
Rubber insulator blocks (2) cross member to steel plate
Steel cross plate
Rubber transmission mount

Issue is the bolt holes on tranny do not match up with holes on Rubber transmission mount

Not the best view, but the best I found on the web. I may try to get a picture of mine tomorrow, if the grease doesn't make it too hard to see.


Thanks cnsay... Pics look like fab'd cross member, definetly not like mine. Wondering if I'm supposed have 2 levels of insulators? I took pics of just about everywhere else while dismantling but not here.
Pic of what I've got...not bolted up yet...
Any help out there?
Do I have top insulator in upside down?
Does a long bolt (1-1/2 - 2") go from steel plate thru insulator and then thru tranny mount?


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I'm thinking mine is a bit different. I'll try to remember to take some pics of it tonight. The engine is out so I should be able to get a couple of decent shots.

I'm not sure, but i'm also thinking that the engine installed makes a difference in what mounts get used with the trans. I'm probably wrong on this, but that's my thought. What engine is going in yours? I keep my camera here at work, but it's now sitting in front of me so I'll put it with my stuff so as not to forget it. I'll have pics for you tomorrow morning.

Ok, I just read your first post and see you have the 226, which is what I have, so we'll see what's what tomorrow a.m.
Here is a pic of my 52 truck transmission mount, this came with the four cylinder so it may be different, but it has the crossmember with the angled mounting spots. Just a plate bolted to the bottom of the trans.


The crossmember

Later style flat mount from 62 Wagon with 226 engine.

Cell phone pictures, sometimes they look OK and sometimes they are pretty crappy. Shows I need to clean the shop though.
Thanks...We're getting close...the last picture shows the longer side down...I've got tha reversed...then I'm assuming I need longer bolts to go all the way thru the rubber mount. The bottom two holes on mount just don't line up with anything...but nothing in life does right now either....
The flat mount on the bottom picture sits right on the crossmember on mine, not on the angled rubber mounts like the older ones in the top pictures. Not sure how they would work together.

My mounts have the two holes into the transmission sunk into the mount so it can sit flat on the crossmember, then it bolts down.
Greg, I have those pics for you, but I can't remember how to down size them to fit. Can you clue me in?