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Jan 22, 2011
Northport WA
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New to the group. I have a CJ-3B that I've restored. I am now looking to start on a wagon. I just wonder if anyone has done a swap on a 4 runner. Looks like the 91 or so is a close fit for the wagon. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum... :cheers:

Haven't seen a four runner swap yet. I'm sure it can be done though. I have found while being on this site that there is just about anything that can be done. Checking out some of the builds on this forum prove that with a little ingenuity and determination, all sorts of amazing transformations and creations can occur.
You are here...welcome to the forum! Just about anything will fit under these bodys if you take careful measurements.... you are a good fabricator/welder, have the time/money. Wheel base and axel width, body mounts, engine location to name a few areas to consider. Good Luck.....Save a Willy's...
Welcome to the forums. Willys are pretty forgiving for swap vehicles as the front wheel wells let you run a frame with a few inches longer wheel base without it showing too bad.
Welcome.... Nothing better than a old willys and a good brace of shorthairs :thumbupleft: My type of guy. Sorry I can't help you with your yota swap.

Oh... great name also... :lol:


Thanks for the welcome. Will post a fews photos later in week on new wagon.


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I like it. Take a few pics of the roof rack also, they get lots of questions here and there is very little info or pictures of them. Even if it is aftermarket it may give ideas of whet fits and any possible mounting choices.
Hi everyone,

The boss and I made a long trip to Oregon and are back home to NE WA. Suprise! The 59 Wagon two wheel wagon turned into a 62 four wheeler with Dana 44 in the rear. All the glass, chromed window frames, a set of extra fenders, a floor pan, wheels, trim, and miscellaneous door knobs, two extra wing windows, a roof rack and trailer hitch. No engine or transfer, tranny. A drive line however. Also stopped at R & P 4 WD Parts in Oregeon City and picked up a complete set of seats. Here are some photos. It will be a while before I get started on this little girl. (still working on my shop) Into the barn for a bit. She has some of the normal issues. More floor board and an area in roof channel. Quarter panel not as bad as photo indicates. (flaking paint) Lots of work though. I am enjoying forum and all the good information here. Also comments I found by those who have had by-pass surgery. I feel at home. I more than likely won't be posting for a while on this project, but will hopefully get going in near future. Wil keep reading all the good info and hopefully learn somethings to help of the old brain keep working. I am inpressed with all the talented folks here and there williness to help each other with a jab or two and lots of encourgement. More to all.

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Hi Chris,
I just stumbled on to your query on the roof rack. Will take some photo AM and post. PO just screwed it on through the roof...not sure what or where it came from prior.
He had no idea.
Ha! Is that the Pabst Blue Ribbon Bear on the back?! Hee heeee! I love that bear! I was raised in Oregon. Gotta love it.
I think she spent more time on the dry side than the sand dunes, but has a few issues. Looking fwd to getting her back in shape. More than likely will take some pabsts or maybe an Oly to get her done.....or some home made wine..
That's not a PBR Bear, It's a Hamm's Bear - from the land of ice blue waters (Minnesota). I would like to see additional pic's (closer) of roof rack....
Hi Kevin,

I meant to do that today...failed again...will get some tomorrow and post. I haven't gotten her off the trailer yet. The whitetails are just getting used to the thing.

I was just browsing the forum on a floor replacement build. Ugh...The PO sawed straight across the floor in front of wheel covers, not sure what that was all about. Still cogatating on that one....


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Okay here are the photos of the roof rack for those interested. It was screwed on with sheet metal screws, I haven't gotten a look at the chrome strips yet from inside. Will follow up later with some photos and information.

[attachment=0:2rbblrbm]Grandpas Jeep's new roommate.jpg[/attachment:2rbblrbm]
[attachment=6:2rbblrbm]front mount.jpg[/attachment:2rbblrbm]
[attachment=5:2rbblrbm]side view.jpg[/attachment:2rbblrbm]
[attachment=2:2rbblrbm]Width of rack.jpg[/attachment:2rbblrbm]
[attachment=1:2rbblrbm]chrome strips.jpg[/attachment:2rbblrbm]


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Thanks for the pictures and measurements of the roof rack. I have been thinking of adding one to my Wagon to hold a Kayak.
Sounds like a plan. It is actually pretty beefy. Not sure where it came from. There is a rack for sale on Cragslist in OR...along with some fenders I believe.
good luck.