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Oct 15, 2009
Elyria, Ohio
Willys Model
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I have a few toy wagons and truck toys I thought I'd share.


That's a very attractive collection you have there. Are any of the models/toys still available today? I'm particularly interested in Willys wagons and Forward controls


Here is some of my collection. Only added a few more to it since this was taken last year.



Have a full collection of XJ models too and can put them up if anyone is interested?
I like seeing the toy models that where if someone has 'em - show 'em!
If anybody knows where I can find a model of the truck with the P/U bed on it, I'd be interested. I have seen them on E-bay before, but not lately.
Want it for a gift.
I've never seen (1:24?) spec cast w/ anything but stake body or panel delivery... US Model Mint made 1:43 pickup in maroon or tan a few years back... google that and you should find vendors -think they're probably $80-100 ? somewhere, but are out of production...
I really don't know the answer to that but suspect not. All I do know for sure was the model was only ever sold by Harley Davidson dealers and each one had their own location name on it and were numbered. Mine is from Somerset PA and number 1 of 48.
Thank you.
Is it possible to post some pic's of it from different angles?
I think that I just fall in love… :oops:

Lust week I took my family to see this it's for sale:
My wife did not like the color [though it's my favorite color and my Harley is yellow], so if the price will be o.k. to buy it – the Harley-Willys colors and logo are going to be nice.
Hi All, I'm new to this group and not sure the photo procedure, so let's see what happens. Some of you may know about the Al-Toy Program at Willys Headquqrters right after WWII. Willys Executives were given a special model toy each Christmas from 1945 to 1949. 1945- CJ2A Jeep, 1946- Willys Pickup, 1947- Willys Jeepster, 1948- Willys Station Wagon, and lastly 1949- Willys Jeep Fire Truck. These were a slush cast aluminum alloy and not durable. They did not last in the hands of playful children. Over the last 30+ years I have chased these elusive toys and have accumulated far more than any one person should be allowed. Since this Forum is about Trucks and Wagons, I'll try to post two pictures.