Torn body mounts?

Sparky Powers

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Jul 18, 2010
Las vegas, NV
Willys Model
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I have read that many Wagons have had the problem of broken/torn body mounts.

I would like to know what areas is this most common and also if anyone know the basic reason for this failure. Is this due to age, poor maintenance, abuse etc. I haven't seen any indication of this on my Wagon but any info will help me and my wagon from any future failures.

When you say torn body mounts.
Do you mean mount on the frame?
Mount on body?
Or bushing material used orignally?
Hi Sparky

Lets see...torn body mounts...I live in the greater New England area of the USA (lots of salt and rust too). My truck is all stock so far...I had to rebuild both rear cab mounts. Also the front cab mounts were rotted to point where I wasnt even sure what they were supposed to look like. I rebuilt them from 16 gauge steel, so far the doors still shut which is a good thing. I hope this helps you out....
Thanks guys, I wanted to know what to look for before I pulled the body off of the frame. I didn't see any signs of rust or any damage to the mounts or surrounding areas.