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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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Hi everyone
Been tinkering around a little bit and trying to run it (my Willys truck) up and down the driveway as much as possible. Swapped out a temperature sending unit that was wrecked...It went well...only took about 3 nights of "Kroil" and it came right out. Swapped out a plastic fuel filter.
Now my questions for you experts:
1) Where is the fuel filter supposed to go???...Mine is right near the carb (but also where the exhaust manifold tend to get hot)..it doesnt seem safe where it is now.
2) The stock flathead seems to have developed a small intermitted "tick...tick..tick" I checked the oil and it seems very black and about 3/4 of a quart low. I am gonna change the oil and put in (what the manual calls for) a fresh filter and 10w30.

I also read in the manual the generator needs a couple drops of oil (which I added).

Any thoughts and insight would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours
on my 63 pickup I just bought last week not running after 15 years runs great now need to rebuild carb I hooked up the gas tank with new lines and installed my fuel filter (cheap 5 dollor chercker part) about a foot from the tube coming out of the top of the tank and mounted it next to the frame away from the exhaust and so far it seems to work fine just a thought I have heard of a lot of different places to mount them but then again I'm a cj guy this is only the second truck (jeep wise) I have ever owned so don't know much about them but am learning which to me is half the fun good luck with yours
1) Where is the fuel filter supposed to go???...

Where ever you like, Mike. These trucks and wagons actually did not have a filter. I think the last few years with the 230 did, but nothing prior to that. I run two filters. Both are situated inline down in the frame. One back by the tank and the other just prior to the brake line junction. I don't like them between the pump and carb unless it's down low closer to the pump. Personal preference. You might be able to find a screw in filter to fit the carb. That would be plenty safe. I worry more about vapor lock than safety. If it's installed correctly it shouldn't leak, right? :D

As far as the ticking goes; it is a flat tappet engine. You may have to get in there and make some adjustments. As long as it's a tick, tick and not a knock, knock, all is good. :) I tried a valve adjustment with the intake/exhaust manifolds still attached once. What a PITA. I ended up taking it all off and waiting for gaskets to show up on the door step. Somebody wasn't thinking when they designed that one. :beer: :beer: :beer: