Three of my Best Workers - Picture

62 OlllO

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Oct 19, 2009
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  1. 1962

They work for scratch too!


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Does the primer hide the presents they leave all over the place? :lol:
Why only three mentioned when there is 4 in the picture? Last one just plays around then? ;)
Good Eye Gojeep....she's the boss and everyone knows that the boss doesn't work!
Look like turkeys, but different colors -- didn't know that was possible.

I miss Bob the Turkey. He used to sit on my lap so I could scratch his head.
Hey 62 Olllo

Kinda looks like you gotta find another wagon shell and add some hay and a couple of dishes for food and water and your brood would be happy as a clam. You could call your new lawn ornament your turkey wagon. Do you think your wife would buy into another wagon in the yard???

Soap and water washes the poop deposits and I hope it doesn't give the paint a problem...chicken wire for glass would keep the birds in the coop and I can't asfford another wagon at this time...Porter Turkeys sells heritage turkeys and these are my breeding year we eat well!!!!