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Jan 7, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
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Wife and I are moving back to Texas and in this case my home place of San Antonio, Tex. I grew up there and left in 1962 and life and a career in the military, then a consultant to major corps keep me where the Army sent me and later living in Dallas, Tex. I lived next to DFW airport and a member of several Million Mile flyer clubs.

But at this stage of my life I am no longer happy calling home where my hat hangs, I want to be close to home, the Alamo. We just got back from a trip down there and are now in the process of buying a ranch just NW of San Antonio, outside a town called Boerne, Tex.

I need to sell my project Willy's Wagon, I am also selling off my two other Jeep projects. Why? 1) Getting them down there would not be easy nor cheap and 2) I can always buy another Willy's - Jeep.

Factor in 2-3 years of seat time in a tractor cleaning up the place like I want and doing a lot of upgrades on the 1945 farm house and any projects will lay fallow for several years.

Fianlly I am also losing the battle we ALL face and its called age. Time I get ready to Jeep again I will closing in on 70 years. My health is good now and if it stays that way another Willy's -Jeep is on my radar.

I have given this much thought and its most likely the best route at this juncture in my life.

I will post in the for sale section my rig: At this time It still has the OEM frame and running gear except the Chevy V8. It runs and starts good, stops and does what it should. I have picked up a couple of $thousand bucks worth of chrome replacement parts for some that were not in as good a shape as I wanted and a set of '06 Tahoe electric power and heated leather seats for it than are near new. My goal is to sell is as is with everything I have with it. It will be a good deal as it will need to go as we are trying to be in Texas by Christmas if at all possible.

Yes, I am crushed as I had a lot of mods in store and the joy of building and merging my '03 Rubicon Jeep running gear into the '55 Willy's. I will REALLY miss that.

As I get my act together I will get pix and do a writeup (sometime in Sept). I will consider delivering it in the Southwest.

:( :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Don, I commend you on your decision. I too am retired military after 26 yrs and constantly on the go flying here and there. I soooooo want to settle in back home in Oregon, but time will tell. Can't buy the wagon, but wish you well in future endevours. Have fun on the ranch. You'll probably be working twice as hard now. :lol:

Sounds like you have made some tough decisions, and are on the right track for your like plan. It's not easy to make big changes, I too am going through them. Getting rid of the baggage that is holding me down is the hardest part, especially when it comes to car projects.

I wish you the best in your endeavors, whatever they may bring.

Don't be a stranger, we still need your input around here... :cheers:

You can't get rid of me, because I will have to come visit ya in the Lone Star...perhaps I should drive out to Arizona and trailer something back for ya...I'm thinking of a road trip in the next 2-3 weeks maybe...going to Colorado in my 2500 Dodge towing won't be a problem.
Keep on Truck'n my friend!
Sorry to hear that you'll be parting ways with your projects, and good luck on the sale. At your point in life, I think setting up a place to retire and call home for the rest of the haul is more important than anything. But who am I, but a young 23 year old? Good luck with the new ranch and the projects there.
Don - wishing you all the best in your decision to relo back to the Lone Star State. I have a brother in Helotes, just S of Boerne - another former military guy. I love San Antonio - planning to have some beers/margs/Tex Mex along the Riverwalk this winter when we come down for Christmas. ;)

Sorry to hear you're parting with the Willys projects for now. You've added a TON of value here with your How To posts - thank you for that! Please keep in touch here...and buy another Willys in TX so you can teach us more!

Take care,
Gosh :oops: thank all of you so much. I will still be around always looking for a time and place I can make some kind of contribution.

Yes it has been a tough call, I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to the challenge of it all. And God willing and the creek don't rise I will be back hopefully none the worse for the wear, a bit older and maybe even a bit wiser.

It will be nice to be back in the seat of a tractor again and cleaning up a place like I did when I was a kid. This time around it will be goats (word to the wise here, if you got goats you don't need a lawn mower). Goats are easy, eat anything provide better milk than you will ever get at a store and BBQ real well :thumbup:

Boerne, Texas: Wife and I spent 2 weeks there and both of us fell in love with it. Here are a few highlights.

Ford F350 with a cattle catcher up front made by and outfit called 'Ranch Hand'. LOTS of F350's with fellows getting out wearing big hats and boots.

Ford F250: Almost as many as F350's, Fellows wearing ball caps and boots.

Ford F150: Fellows mostly in dress clothes and wearing ties, trucks are CLEAN and the folks driving them are called 'dude's'.

Chevy: Must be someone passing thru

Young folks: Lots of kids around working at stores etc. They look you in the eye and CALL YOU SIR and Mam. Yes Sir and No Sir are how they talk. They look like humanoids rather than something that happened after I got drunk down in Mexico one time and screwed a Parrot. :roll: :eek:

Folks wave at you when driving and they do it with ALL 5 fingers instead of 1. You meet folks on the sidewalk and you think you are meeting family members. People are friendly, helpful and its conservative country, a place with values. It reminded me of growing up.

When we first met our Real Estate agent and told her where we were coming from and why we were down there, she said "I need to tell that Boerne is a CONSERVATIVE little town. Fox News was on every single TV in every place we went...I LOVE IT!!!

I expect Kevin to show up any day and I might take you up on that trailer...which reminds me I need to buy a trailer to haul some stuff down there. Just glad I bought that Ford F 350 a few months back...

The place we are trying to buy is just off I 10 and 21 min from the house to the parking lot of the Big Mall in NW SA. If anyone is heading that way drop me a note and you can stop by the house for some good BBQ. ;)
You'll definitely have to keep sticking around here. Just because you don't have any Jeeps doesn't mean anything. It's always nice to have extra input around here.

That sounds like a perfect place to retire. I get sick of the way most people are today with this "entitlement" generation. It's nice to know that there are still small towns like that, and we may not actually be the last of a dieing breed...
Welcome home. We see quite a few willys in the lone star state, many Texas hunting rigs. Steer clear of coastal vehicles and look to West Texas for the best unmolested rebuilds (of course you probably know that). Seems like a good time for a CJ-2A with rear PTO and a few pulling implements to work that rocky ground around Bourne.
Don,good luck with the move and your new endevors,had a goat when I was a kid,My uncle told me if I fed him tin cans he'd shit barb wire, hope you have better luck than I did,stay in touch we all need your expertise at times.......Jim.....and all those Conservatives too!!!!!
Good luck on all the details of the move, but stick around here, former Willys owners and prospective owners are welcomed and needed.
I too left the Phoenix area five years ago to be "home". . . in my case it's NW Montana. I have not regretted it! Of course I'm not making the money here that I was there and the winters can be long, but home is where the heart is!

Boerne is a beautiful place. Good luck on your move!
Hey Don

I am very jealous of you. I was born and raised in upstate NY. I loved it here back in the 1960's and thru the 1970's. Then I learned to drink and I still loved it here. My son grows up and moves to Kansas in 2003. I visit him at least once a year (this year I think will be twice). I finally sober up in 2007 and really see where I am in life. in N.E. Kansas where my son lives, the small towns are awesome. My son moved to a city of 362 people. They wave when you are outside. (Where I live they wanna run you over). The police in the next door town over wave as you drive bye (Where I live you never see them unless you did something wrong). My son lives in a county where there are more cows than people (where I live there are more SUVS than people!!!) I think the number is 18,000 cows to 13,000 people. Trucks in Kansas are flatbeds and most of them are dirty too (where I live women drive them all shiney and new with 4 wheel drives just in case they need to go to Walmart to bye more "stuff"). I am sure where you are heading is gonna be awesome too. I am hoping in about 5 years to move my butt out there and enjoy the rest of my years here. So much nicer in small towns; "city-idiots" are not nice people for sure. Enjoy the open air and the skys at is gonna be great in your new town...

Just a little bit N of Boerne is a little town called 'Luckenbach', just a little W of there is a town called 'Driftwood', home of Salt Lick BBQ, now tell me that ain't livin.

The 2 weeks we spent down in Boerne on EVERY TV in the bars and eateries they had on FOX NEWS :D :D , every young girl and guy waiting on tables said yes sir and no sir. Never once saw Purple hair, face, lips, nose full of ear rings and some kid looking like that time I got drunk and screwed a parrot and the kid looks like our offspring or something.

There ain't no Muslims wanting to build a Mosque in town AND there are plenty of Churches.

Dress up is my Ostrich skin boots, white straw cowboy hat and clean jeans, dress down is barn boots, worn jeans and a straw hat that has seen plenty of sweat.

A place where when folks talk to you they look you in the eye and their handsake is better than a written contract...


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YOU DEFINATELY ARE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, EXCEPT FOR THE WILLIE. But I sure understand, we moved to the town we are in a couple of years ago from Denver where they have those paret kids and facial ornaments. The first time we pulled into a gas station to fill our truck and as I was pumping diesel a guy from the other side of the island started talking to me, couldn't beleive it. We then went to a fast food place and there was a white kid taking orders and he spoke english, we thought oh my gosh this could be a good sign. I wish you well and from the posts of yours that I have read I sure hope you do not disappear after you move and do not any longer have your outfit.

Good Luck
Don, you had the right colored t-shirt on (green), but looking at the wrong tractor...and I can't wait to visit ya....pick-up pull off baby!!! Ford vs. Dodge