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Nov 22, 2009
cleaning rust off something
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So I got the 6 million rusted body mounts loose and I moved onto the pedal assy to try and take that apart :evil: grrrrrrrrrrrr :evil: So after a few minutes of frustration my A.D.D. took me somewhere else I started to gut wiring mish mash, and I notice one of the wires goes INTO the steering box. I'm thinking WTF? Why on earth is there a wire going INTO the steering box.....................
Turns out the wire goes into the steering COLUMN, through the steering the horn :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'd never seen such a thing in my life. I was trying to imagine why there would be a wire going there.
I just thought you guys that have come across that or know that might get a kick out of my 2 minutes of WTF?

Have a :beer: and a laugh on me.
Amazing how simple things where back then isn't it.....

A wire up the tube got the trick done then.....
I'm actually getting ready to order the horn contact so I can get rid of the externaly mounted horn button. I learned of it a couple of weeks ago myself.
LOL, I also got a KICK out of the motor mounts on your site. I noticed you have 4.27 gears in your rig. That is a good ratio to have with the V8
Are you talking about my motor mounts????

they are stout but still scary if you ask me.....
that is why they are on the to be replaced list......

I think the 4.27 gears will be good with the 5 speed tranny too.....

Make it an all around daily driver that can do 75 to Denver if needed.
LOL, yea THOSE mounts. At first I thought they were springs meant to give the engine a better ride :lol:

Yea, think you will be happy with the 4.27 cogs, I run 4.88 on 35" tires in my Jeep and its a nice combo.
The Novak mounts will be getting ordered next week. I just got the correct trans. crossmember in today. But those mounts are stout that is for sure.......1/4" plate super welded to the frame rails..... (gonna take a grinder disc on each to get em off.

The 4.27's will be a good combo with the 31's I am planning on running.
Atleast that is the plan.