The ROAR of FOUR!!!


Bigger Hammer
Sep 13, 2010
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Can you feel it? The horsepower..

Allegedly there are 60 or so in there....


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Ed: that's a truly beautiful sounding little engine! I haven't seen one of those running in many years. It reminds me of the engine in my first car - a 1950 Hilman Minx with a 1250 cc flathead four (British car I bought in '64 for $90). That was also a gorgeous engine, about half the displacement of yours - I could impress my buddies by crank starting it at 30 below when their batteries were dead!


Thanks for posting the clip, very cool.

Thanks for posting the video, that's awesome and brings back memories. One day, many years ago, my Dad purchased a 1949 Willys p/u and he and I drove it several hundred miles home to Memphis from Missouri. That was an adventure I still remember well. Anyway, its been some years since I've heard the music of the '49 four running in our truck but your video brought it all back. I always thought of a sewing machine listening to that motor run!

Thanks again,

looking and sounding great, makes me wish i still had my original motor.