The Port of Toledo Ohio

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Dec 17, 2012
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This old film footage of the Port of Toledo features a few shots of Kaiser vehicles -- including Jeeps on a rail car at 14:11 and early Wagoneers and what are described as "military Jeeps" in the process of loading beginning at about 16:38 in.

The ship shown in the opening scene is the ill-fated
Edmund Fitzgerald.

Here are some still photos of activities at the port from OWF's popular thread, Vintage Willys Pictures

April 28, 1950 - Loading a Willys Station Wagon on the SS Troisdoc at Hills and Ground Wharf. (Prior to the Port expansion.)

May 17, 1951 - The Prins Frederik Hendrik was designed specifically for Great Lakes trade. Crated Jeeps are being loaded at the Toledo Marine Terminal. (Prior to the Port expansion.)


1955 Jeep being loaded at Port of Toledo, Ohio (Prior to the Port expansion.)

1977 - Jeep J-10s getting loaded on to the Gulf Bank at Port of Toledo.

I believe this is a 1973 Wagoneer. The ship behind it is likely the Sylvania which plied these waters from 1905 until 1983, and was one really tough vessel.
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