The Imfamous Vapor Lock!


Sharpest Tool
Nov 13, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:
I think I experienced a vapor lock today! I just got the rig back out of the shop, I had some new windows put in. I was driving down the highway and the engine started loosing power, I thought it was over, but she kept cruising. I made it back to the shop and popped the hood. It seems the guy at the shop that did the windows figured he would do me a favor by zip tieing my fuel line to my Heater core hose! Let's see if removing that little setup fixes my problem on the way home. :cheers:
Definately get that fuel line off the heater hose. Gas needs to stay cold as possible until going into the carb. If your rig doesn't have a fuel return line going back to the tank, adding one will also make for a pretty permanent cure.