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Feb 27, 2011
Springfield, Vermont
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  1. 1960
As I mentioned in my intro my family bought a 1960 wagon in 1979 or '80 to use on our woodlot. We paid $100 for it, froze up 226 engine and all. We got the engine freed up and cut the rotted body off, just leaving the roof over the driver. Relocated the gas tank to where the passenger seat was. It has a wood platform body on it and we use it to haul firewood to a spot where it can be split and loaded into a pickup. Goes anywhere in the woods especially with chains on all four tires. I've been driving this for 30 years and still have a smile on my face chugging through the woods in it. This is the oldest pic I have of the old girl, probably from 1980 or so.
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I'm having a smile on my face just looking at that picture. I can imagine putting along on some old logging/stone road through the woods on a sunny but chilly day, what a great time.
That's a really cool picture! Got anymore of the Doodlebug?

Its fun to cruise around in the old trucks/wagons, but it's so much more fun when you're working them. In the past two weekends I've moved approximately 2 tons of dirt to my buddies house 20 miles away. I planted a bunch of plants and he needed the dirt to fill in low spots in his yard. The Willys did it with no problems at all. It was extremely slow with a ton of dirt in the bed, and the bad shocks were really noticeable when loaded. Kind of a scary ride, but it did it, and was a fun challenge.

My truck's yearly duty is to bring enough firewood for a huge New Year's Eve bonfire at my in-laws. I bought my truck Thanksgiving morning 4 years ago. It sat for over a decade. I got it running by mid December, and two weeks later was delivering it's first load of firewood for the party. It's become a yearly tradition now, and all the party guest love seeing/hearing the old truck chugging up the street with a bed full of wood.

Here's a couple pics from the 2011 New Years Eve. I always make it a point to pile the wood as high as possible. The looks on people's faces are priceless when you pull up next to them at a red light. The truck has had it's picture taken several times just waiting at a red light. I get at least 2 thumbs up on the 20 mile trip. :D




Here is a shot from maybe two years after the first. One fender has been ripped off. We had some family members who beat the crap out the thing. When I used it I took care of it, I wanted to make it last. Now for the last 20 years it has been just me.

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It's a shame that some people see an old truck and make it their mission to kill it.

Someone did the same with mine, which is why the body is so destroyed. It used to be a hunting truck and had all kinds of stupid crap welded to it. The front flange on the crossmember is folded backwards from running it up on stumps or rocks. They had a boat gas tank in the bed too. When I looked under the truck I saw a gaping 1 foot rip in the tank where someone drug it over a stump/rock. The drag link up front was touching the differential cover it was so bent too. There are four holes in the roof of my truck where they mounted some stupid looking KC lights. Power drill of choice? .22 rifle.

I've since fixed all these issues, but c'mon people. Quit killing the vintage iron.
I love the Doodlebug....keep the old iron moving....what a tradition that money can't buy!!!! Precious....
In September of 2000 I totally rebuilt the wood bed and did some other much needed repairs. She got new rear springs, a complete service, and a new Cherry Bomb muffler and chrome tailpipe.


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Here she is in 2006 still going strong! Not good pics but the lighting stinks in the woods. I will have to get some new ones and will try to get some Youtube videos going.

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Holy Crap....that's a load! and the Willys seams to enjoy it too.....I love these action photo's of a Willys being used for what they were intended to do....replacing the mule.
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My Hat is off to guys. I have never seen a Willys truck do anything but sit. I remember there was one at an antique truck show last fall and the fall before I saw another one. One was restore / rod and the other was a parts truck. Mine does nothing more than take up space in my shed or take all my money. I learned on the cj2a web page what Jeep stands for...."J"ust-"E"mpty-"E"very-"P"ocket. I love seeing you guys actually using your stuff. Mine will probably end getting sold before I ever use it. I have learned a bunch from this site...great seeing folks actually using there Willys Jeeps.
Thanks for sharing
Almost makes me wanna use my truck.