Swap from 226 to 230 engine


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Nov 8, 2010
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1963
What is involved with swapping the 226 in a 1960 wagon to a 230?
Bill, it seems that nobody here has done that particular swap. I don't have any specifics either, but here's some general "gee whiz" stuff.
1. engine mounts. If you can get them out of another wagon/truck, that's the best route, otherwise you'll have to fab up your own. I don't believe there are any kits available. Make sure your measurements are good

2. As I recall, the 230 is quite the monster compared to the 226. Height should not be an issue, but length might. I'm not sure if the firewall configuration changed for the 230 fitment. Measure, measure, measure.

3. I'm assuming (bad word) you have the appropriate clutch and bellhousing to mate up with it. They are definitely not the same between the two engines.

Other than that general stuff, it should be pretty much plug n' play. Hope this helped you out a little bit.