Steering wheel question....


Knuckle Buster
Jul 25, 2010
Willys Model
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I recently acquired a 51 Wagon which I am restoring, I love the look of the earlier steering wheel with the horn ring, question is will the earlier steering wheel with horn ring fit my 51 ? Can I add just the horn ring or are the steering wheels different?

First welcome to the forum....I'm still searching myself, but I will be using a late model GM column...I want to maintain the old steering wheel look with a Willys horn button...Eastwood has a kit you can use to retore a wheel with and I'm sure some out their makes an original look a like...any help out there for rustand dust????
For that matter I could use some help too...
I've got steering wheel repair instructiions. If anyone needs them i'd be happy to scan and email them or type it up an post.