Starting my first willy wagon resto


Knuckle Buster
Apr 14, 2010
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About two months ago I found a 1959 Willy Wagon that had been sitting in a pasture for about ten years. It doesn't appear to bad as far rust goes, although I haven't taken the body off of the frame yet. Since this is my first project I will be asking a lot of questions. I have a good start in removing the body mount bolts and things necessary, however I still would like to know if anyone has a step by step to remove the body from the frame, thanks in advance. The willy is a 1959.
Welcome to the forum Mark, you've come to the right place...

Welcome! There a few folks on here that have removed the body, you will find all kinds of good info here.
Welcome to the board!!!

As far as your body removal on the wagon..... Been there done that. Getting ready to get body back on here is a couple weeks.

A few tricks have been noted thru out the board.... For body removal, shifter removal, and steering box removal. Those are the oddest parts not to mention the infamous gas tank mounts that are overlooked ( I did that )
Ok, this is probably something easy I am missing, but I am stumped on removing the old steering wheel on my 59. I have remove the nut and there is no movement of the steering wheel. Could it be frozen on or is there something I am missing?