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Jul 14, 2010
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Hello, new to the forum..

Bought a 1952 original stake body truck this past winter. Going to be restoring it in the years to come. I was wondering if anybody has found a source for the bed hardware/rails - steel components for a rack body restoration?


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52stakeBed said:
I created a gallery and put up a couple images, haven't figured out how to insert with my post.


Welcome to the forum Dan-

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That's a great looking truck you have there. Can't help on the bed pieces, there must be something out there. I like the stake beds better than the pickups. Seems they look more "truckish". Put some hay bales and a couple plastic pigs back there and you'll have a show stopper--or at least a conversation piece!!

Tell us more about the windshield wipers. Passenger side stock, driver side pivoting from the top. Interesting!! It always amazes me the ingenious ways past owners will modify old cars and trucks to solve a problem.

Good Luck,
Old Willy
Thanks for the comment Old Willy, I've got 4 little daughters - figured I'd just throw them back there with a few bails of hay... I found one source up here in the north east for rack body rails, they said they could fabricate to my specs, but I was hoping to find someone to match the original exactly. The wiper is the typical 1 side electric replacement for when the vacuum motor went. As far as 'truckish' looks go I like the look of the original bias-ply tires like on the front of mine. Like to replace them with some radials with similar tread pattern if I can find them. Cant stand the look of the over-sized off road tires with modern rims on a Willys.
i have a 61 stake body so will be monitoring this post for any info found good luck i haul hay in mine on a regular basis
Nice to know there are still others out there Mark. I've yet to start mine, I'm building an addition onto my house which includes a 24 x 24 shop for me. My truck's currently under cover in a barn and its a challenge to leave it alone and focus on carpentry. Love to hear about any work you do on yours and I'll probably start a build thread once I get going. I'll post again with the source I found for bed rails.
Would love to have a stake bed. I could ride my cow around, he loves a good ride and he would be more comfortable in it. Only kidding about the cow, but i would like to have a good stake bed.
That is a very nice truck you have!!


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That's cool. Any known history on the truck? There must be some hard working days in that truck's past. That would be cool to know. Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the welcome, don't know a lot about the history, I think I am the fourth owner since it was new. The original owner made notes in the owners manual from the day he purchased it. I believe its been here in the northeast since 1952 and I think it must have spent a long time in or under a barn somewhere for one reason or another because its in reasonably good shape for the year. Someone along the line was an artist, it has a couple trees painted on the doors. I'll add the pics to my gallery.
Check out your local steel fab shops, they should be able to completely duplicate that bed, or any part of it!