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Dec 12, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:
I'm getting ready to take the diff of the frame and I'm going to replace all bolts.

I would like to know if it possible to use standard grade 8 bolt instead of the greasable one?
I used #8 bolt on the rear spring (front pivot) but on the front spring (rear pivot) I used the grease bolts. Obviously on the shackles I used what came with them (grease). the bolts I used were NOT threaded all the way but only the ends. Personally I would use the grease bolts if that's what was original. These pivots take a lot of abuse as the ones I replaced were really deformed from heat and friction. Don't get impatient taking them off, I did and started hacking away with the cutter and it made it harder to match up the new bolts. Good luck.
thank you flashman, I will take my time, I've have all the tools I need at home to get these out. I want to save as much oem parts I can.

Looks like I'll go with greasable pivot bolt, is places like Walck and Kaiser the only way to get this kind of greasable bolt?
There are other options for greasable bolts available. In the original style walcks and kaiser willys are your best bet.

As for an upgraged newer, easier maintenance option Daystar Products has greasable bolt kits that will work well for these applications. 4wd.com or 4wheelparts.com or quadratec.com all offroad retailers that carry this product line.