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Sep 11, 2010
Northeastern Colorado
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1954
Has anyone tried any of the sound deadening products out there? I know the Willys are just plan noisy, but I'm hoping that maybe I can quit mine down some with one of the products out there. So if anyone has tried it please let me know if it was worth the money and effort.

Thanks Terry
Dynamat works great. I have seen (and heard) alot of vehicles that had alot of noise, go whisper quiet on the interior with these mats.
The classic bed Liner" stuff works if it is a rubber product. I use it on all vehicles I do repare work on. I use the 5 galcan and roll it on will do unerside. 5 galfor roof and the spray on stuff works for the inner rear window and sides. You canget it at any aumotive, Lowes and Depot fo cheap!

Thanks everyone..... You gave some food for thought. I have some time before I'm to this point, but you have given me some ideas to reserch.

Thanks Terry
Well, my 2 cents

With my wagon already having a V8 swapped in before I got it, as I am getting it back together and seeing how the exhaust is gonna run under the floor pans. I was wondering if I'll be able to kick off my flippies and drive it. After talking with some friends in the competition car audio contests they suggested the fatmat or dynamat. I managed to get a good deal on some fatmat from ebay and I have already started putting the fatmat on the inside of the firewall and front floor pans to keep my feets cool and knock down some of the rumble from the V8.

I have seen what the product can do in a car with 2 15" subwoofers pointed at the trunk.

Sooner or later I wil have this wagon back up and running for some real proof.
kramwit said:
73fj said:
I'm going to cover my whole wagon with Dynamat.
Are you trying to escape being detected by radar? :D

Maybe he just doesn't want to hear all the sirens... :lol:

You shuld look into Eastwood's product of sound deadening. It is much cheaper, I have started to install it on my pickup and I am very pleased with it.
We did my sons '61 Impala with Dynamat. Difference was night and day. All floor pans, kick panels and inside doors (inside face of exterior metal) .
Be careful not to plug drain holes. 2 amps and 4 subs later....keeps most of his "boom boom" music inside the car where it belongs.

For my pick-up I'm thinking firwewall, floor pans, kick panels inside roof (will be putting headliner in) and inside doors. Mostly for drive noise and whatever thermal benefit I might get. Not sure my 6V system will drive many 400w amps !!!