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Nov 24, 2009
Conifer, Colorado
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Hello Willys Truck Fans! I'm "Sorta" new-ish. I've been a quiet Old Willys Forum member for a little over a year. I live in Conifer, Colorado, I'm a Street Rodder, and I also love to Save Old Trucks, especially Old Willys Trucks. I have a 1937 Chevy Coupe Street Rod named Ruby that I cruise and show. I also have TWO old Willys Trucks that I am saving. I am retired from the High Tech field. I've been a Wood Worker since 1961 and have been doing Custom Wood Working on the side for quite some time. I love watching NASCAR and going to the local short track and Drag Races. I am a Chevy Guy (and a Willys Guy)... Does that make me a "Chilly Guy? Maybe a Chevilly Guy. I like going camping and hiking. I'm still married after 38 years, have two grown daughters, and a Yellow Lab. I played Lead Guitar for a Hard Rock Band back in the 60's and sparsely in the 70s and 80s. We had our Band's 40 Year Reunion last August back in New England.

My first Willys was a totally stock 1959 Willys Wagon (Yea Wagons)! It was my plow truck for five years. But being a Hot Rodder, I needed MORE POWER! So I found and bought a 63 Willys Wagon with a small block Chevy in it. Its name is Kermit (Yep, It's Green). The Clutch was gone and so were the Brakes (typical Jeep Thing) and NO RUST. It also had a seven and a half foot Western Electric Snow Plow AND an original Koenig PTO Winch. I dragged it home from South Fork, Colorado and have been restoring it for almost four years. My buddy Terry and I got all the mechanicals fixed and I've got about another Summer to go to finish the body work. I plan to have it painted by next Fall. Note: I sold my 59 Wagon to my neighbor, so it's just down the street.

Last year one of my hot rod buddies told me about a Willys Pickup for sale in his neighborhood and sent me pictures of it and the telephone number. It's a 57 Willys Pickup with a Super Hurricane Six Motor, an Original Warn Overdrive (29 Spline). I made a deal with the guy and dragged it home from Evergreen, Colorado. My plan for "Floyd" (my youngest daughter named him)... was to do a Willys/Chevy Chassis Conversion. So I did a lot of research on the Net and found the "perfect" Donor Truck... About two months after buying the 57 Willys Pickup, I found and bought the Donor Truck, a 1987 Chevy Short Bed 4X4 Pickup. They BOTH sat for a year while I was super busy doing wood working and various other stuff.

On October 6th, The Chevy/Willys Conversion Project started. You can check out the project build at: ... lys-pickup
I just figured out how to get pictures in my gallery on Old Willys Forum, so you can also go there to see the pictures of this project. Are you only allowed to have 20 pictures in your gallery? I'd like to get some pics of my 63 Wagon in there also. I also plan to include the Willys/Chevy Build "story" in the Build Thread on here too.

If some of you have done a Willys Chevy Chassis Conversion, I would love to hear from you if you have any tips or advice. Who knows, I may be able to answer some of your questions as well. You guys and gals on this site all sound like you are certified Willys Crazies, and I look forward to yakking with you. Later, John
Welcome to the forums. You are limited on how many pics are in your gallery, but the build thread can have lots of pics, don't have to be the same.
Hi John-

Happy you are now posting on the forum. :thumbup:

One of the benefits of joining the All-Star group on the forum is a gallery image limit of 100. You can read about it from the link on the portal page.

Welcome to the on-line willys family. Am always eager to support all blue-colored wagons or pickups!!! Check out my gallery and my blue-tiful willys. Awaiting body works, priming, painting, etc. in December.
Hi John,great looking project,I also used a chevy frame('77 2 wheel 1/2 ton),had to shorten and "z" the frame but I am real happy with the drive and dependabilty,and because the running gear is all chevy I have a better chance of remembering what kind of parts to get (lol)!If I can help in any way give me a holler.......looks like you have a real good start......welcome to the forum......Jim
Welcome John, I think my son in-law talked to you about some parts you had listed on Craigslist. I'll be watch your progress.