Some Progress And New Problems In 1965 World.


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Oct 29, 2014
United States
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I've gone a couple steps forward and a few back.

Shocks are on and they help some but the springs still sag too much for me.

New carb is on and that is a big improvement and maybe cured a tiny bit of the performance problems. The rest are in the valves not working properly on #1 and in the distributor too probably. Mine is one of the few I've seen with no vacuum advance on a vehicle.

On the carb subject, the books are clear as mud and my original wasn't in the greatest of shape. I could use a little advice. On the one barrels, choke closed is all the way forward or back? My aftermarket cable isn't cooperating on the new one either, it doesn't want to retract.

The other one is the throttle cable. Where does it connect to? I found some pictures that show an attachment point near the bottom on some models. Others go through the hole on the throttle lever/arm and not shown how they are anchored down. Mine wasn't connected on the old one either.

If anyone ever came up with a way to rig up a thermostatic choke, that would be nice but probably no market for it.

Anyone interested in how it runs (more or less) now : and some on the page before.