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Jun 15, 2010
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Well its offical the white stuff got the better of me. I can't get the truck in the garage it's 20 feet from the door and has about a 3 and a half foot drift around it. Shoveling it out is a mood point till the second of january since I just had knee surgery compliments of the VA. I think I am just going to start hoarding the parts I know I need so that it can get done much quicker when I get it inside. Did manage to pickup a Ramsey winch complete with driveshaft and PTO for under 250 and looks like everything is there. The wife is telling me that I need to have it on the road by next winter so she can takeover my Grand Cherokee so I gotta lot of work ahead of me.

Does anyone happen to know the best way to get the truck to do around 65 as this is going to have to be my daily driver for a 30 mile drive to work? I have looked at putting in an overdrive from herm. Do you guys think this should be all I need or do I need to look at swapping in the T98 4 speed as well? I did manage to get some pictures and as soon as I find out where the wife put the camera I will get them posted.
phsarge said:
...Shoveling it out...

If I were anywhere close, I'd come and dig it out for you.... :thumbup:


I have read that a T98 4 spd can cause problems if you need to find parts and need a different length "input shaft" - these transmission are relatively rare. It might be better to get a T18 4 spd with either the stump pulling Granny low or close ratio first gear, depending on want you want. I've been looking, unsuccessfully, for a T19 (synchro first gear) 4 spd which I understand were in 80s Ford (diesel?) pickups. Check the Novak site for details.


T98 still only has a 1:1 high gear so your not gaining anything there for higher speeds. The overdrive will help that, or finding a set of newer axles with higher gears. The 50's Willys stuff mostly came with 5.38 gears, if you got lucky and have a set of 4.27 or 4.11 gears you can go 65 without modification. From the factory there was an ID tag under one of the bolts on the cover. May look and see if there is still one there, could be good news. This isn't exact to our axles, but shows where ratio tag should be.
I saw this on Willys Tech Parts Board, kind of a rare bird. It is a Borg Warner OD unit adapted to the T18 case. The OD is the same as found in 2WD Willys vehicles with the BW OD. The OD cannot be used in low range, but who cares. This setup requires a shortened rear driveshaft.
I just pulled my axles out they are 4.27 gear they are up for sell but if now. Wants them i will part them so if you want the gears i can remove an mail them
I would definatly be interested in the gears. I haven't got mine opened up so I don't know if the gearing is the same as the front came off a different truck. What axles are they?
Ah yup, well if you just want the gears from the 30 let me know atleast some could use a part from them