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Bigger Hammer
Feb 8, 2010
Ruma Serbia
Willys Model
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These chains I got when I bought one sw for parts(donor for my 56. ).Does anyone recognize them? No any mark on them.I tried them in mud and they were fantastic![attachment=3:89km3uic]05022011281.jpg[/attachment:89km3uic]


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Man those are some wild looking chains. I've never seen ones exactly like those. I'm sure they do work well. Did I see that you are in Serbia? Are chains legal on roads there? In the states, there are only a couple of states that allow chains during winter storms only. Don't see them used that much over here.
WOW!!! If you ever get stuck someplace with those chains you won't see daylight for a week!!!!

Old Willy
Hey Nebojsa

I havent ever seen anything like that. I have to ask you these questions tho...I hope you dont mind...where in the heck do you drive that you would need those monsters??? I guess I live a very sheltered life. I drive 10 miles to work and it is all paved. Also do you actually use your Willys???..Mine is nothing more than garage/lawn-ornament/money pit...I dont think I could afford to drive it with gas at $3.35/gal plus around here....I have been told Willys is not noted for gas mileage.

Sorry I couldnt be any help.

Damn... those chains look like they turn your Willys into a mini mining dredge... :shock:


Ha ha ... I went to off-road driving in one small willage about 50 miles from my town.It is rural area full of mud,so I decided not to take chances.When I got there, I was sorry to ride it so I went with friends Wrangler. Here some pcs.
In the past 7 years, I only drove 100 km with it.


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Man, you Serbians are tough. Needing tire chains that look like that and then are you really towing your Willys with a Volvo wagon? Wouldnt think that would work too well. I'm sure Volvo engineers never envisioned that. Nice testimonial though if the wagon can handle it.
In Serbia, unfortunately there are no plates for the oldtimers. Registration is quite expensive and we can registrate only for whole year,not per week or I must to tow it... Its cheaper to tow it than registrate it for whole year. Maybe I registrate him If I use it more often.then now.
And yes, the course was extremely difficult and very few vehicles managed to complete so I was glad not to drive my Willys.For serios offroad I bought Jeep CJ7 258cid,the only in Serbia...and also I have Russian GAZ 69,realy good offroad vehicle! :thumbup:
I am import it from Ukraine.


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