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Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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Alright I have been doing some research on the leaf springs that I am going to need to replace on my wagon, but I want to make sure that I can also upgrade the shackles a little bit. I have looked at the warrior 1/2" greaseable shackle kits for the early CJ's. This should work for my application right? Bushings and sleeves where all pretty much the same on these right?
I encountered this on my M101 1/4 T trailer build when I put on 35" tires. I needed to lift the trailer and not being a fan of SOA and chose to go with longer shackles.

I ran down to my local 4x4 supply and dug thru the shackle bin to find a set that was long enough and the proper width. Well I found a set of CJ shackles by Rancho that had the proper length but way to wide. No problem, I just cut the shackle support between them, then cut out the width to make them as wide as I needed and welded them back up.

I don't think you will have any issues...


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So it boils down to the early CJ 55-75 shackles that are already available are too wide for the Wagon springs/mounts?

What about the bushings for the frame and springs?
CJ springs are 2", my springs are closer to 1-3/4". I was originally going to try to use CJ stuff, then realized that and decided changing to 2.5" was the best way to go for my project. If youre going to go so far as to change springs out, go 2.5", there are a lot more options and better ride/flex is possible. :thumbup: I managed to pick up a set of stock YJ springs for free of for mockup, I may switch to waggy springs in the front to move the axle forward a little.
I am trying to do all I can to keep the original spring locations. Wife traded both vehicles in so we are a 1 car family now and I am on an expidited rebuild to get myself a daily driver that is road worthy and still keeping the stock appearance till ya open the hood....
Con-ferr shackles will fit perfectly. That's what I have on the front of my wagon.
Eric, after installing the front axle and rear, using '95 Wrangler springs, it appears my Willys is going up hill. I have the same size shackle for front and rear. I'm going to move the Willys to a flat spot and research the problem. So I might have to make new shackles for the rear or remove a leaf spring from the front. My other problem is the 32" tires I was thinking of using...they will rub the rear quarters if I four I'm thinking of a smaller solution. Like usual, I go two steps forward and one step backwards, I wish you, Savagesun, Midnightburn where here. Moab is one month away and it doesn't look like I can make the trip in my Willys... :( :( :( :(
Keep your nose to the grind stone. You can make the trip to Moab!!!!!! Get some "aleve" and "icy hot wraps" for your knees and back and keep plugging away....
Just think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's coming from my garage, with the beer fridge door open showing you the way!!!!

From your note on it looks like it's going up hill.... do you have all your body panels on? All the fluids in the front end? All the interior stuff still in place?
Just wondering if it's close to running weight on those springs or not?

I was just gonna run some 31's on my rig..... Slightly over stock but still good for a DD and on light trails.
It's been a few years. I got them from a local 4 wheeler supply when I was in California. I'm thinkin' the 4 wheeler supply sponsor on this site should carry them.
Eric, after some R&D with the help of a few Bud-Lites....the front rear shackle needs to be moved!!! From under the frame bottom to above and boxed...this will solve my problem of going up hill. Regarding Moab...I might have to fly into Denver...just a thought.
I knew there was a reason I liked you..... Same flavor of poison..... :cheers:

If ya gotta fly into Denver and have a lay over or what not let me know. I am sure that I can make a road trip up to shake your hand and share a cold one even if not in the "garage"

Your Wagon is coming along nicely too.... :thumbupleft:

There will be a day when yours and mine get together for a picture......
Eric B said:

If ya gotta fly into Denver and have a lay over or what not let me know. .

ERIC! I don't want to get the impression that you are NOT coming to Moab on the 15 of May!?!?!?!?!? If you are meeting Kev at the airport then I hope its to pick him up for the trip to Moab... ;)
Sadly enough this year I will not be able to make the trip to Moab unless I win the Powerball between now and the end of the month. To give me 2 solid weeks of work on mine to almost get it done.

Not to mention right now we are a 1 car family...... So going up to meet Kev would also be family road trip.

I will be going on any trip planned for 2011 though.... :D
Oh. yeah back to the thread.
I sent an email to "Warrior" that makes an early CJ shackle with the little lift I am looking for. The response from the tech/sales department was to use "H" shackle kit and shim the inside of the shackle/bushing area with a washer on each side.

Sounds do-able to me if it only ends up being one washer on each side of the bushing and snugging down good.

Any other thoughts on that option??
Eric, no issues with that...I strongly recommend the 'H' shackles as they help keep the springs stable and the the shackles from bending over.

Pick up a couple of large Grade 8 washers, which if they are too wide for the shackles then just lop them off using a grinder or cut off wheel. If you have to use more than 1 per side, run a weld bead along the side you lop off to hold them together.

You should be fine, let us know how it works out... ;)
Will keep an update on this one. I will most likely be doing these warrior shackles with the 1/2" lift on mine