Securing pivoting seats in a wagon


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Aug 10, 2010
Manchester, CT
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I have a really nice front seat from a Tacoma for my '48 wagon, but the wife asked a very good question, "Why do I try to retain the original look of things, then spoil it with a non-stock seat?" She's right, as usual, but don't tell her that :oops: . I really like the looks of Fred Potter's interior, but I'm left to wonder, how do you anchor the pivoting seats to the floor, yet have a mechanism that will easily unlatch, allowing the seat to pivot for access to the rear seat area? Has anyone else dealt with this dilema?


From the factory the front passenger seal did not latch. It just pivoted from the floor on some L shape brackets that bolted through the floor.
Good question. I was wondering the same thing. I plan on figuring something out for the rear 2 seats on mine. Kiddo's will be back there most of the time. I was gonna leave the front one unsecured to allow it to pivot for easy access with the kids. Still have 1 that needs help getting buckled up.

Gonna have to figure that one out sooner or later though.

Eric, I checked out a product called the Bear Claw door latch. It's used primarily by the street rod fraternity, especially in 'glass bodied cars. I bet if you weld the striker post to the lower seat rail and afix the latching mechanism to the floor beneath, the assembly could operate as a door latch but on a different plane. Only $20 for a pair on ebay

How about a junkyard trunk latch? Get it with a remote cable and you wouldn't have to fumble around behind the seat to release it.