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Jan 4, 2020
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Where did I put that 10mm socket?
I wish I was super organized but I'm not, so I rely on technology to help me along ALOT!

There are times where I know that I've read something somewhere one time and I go to find it and good luck it's a chore. I try to bookmark stuff. Then I have 1000 bookmarks, search is probably the best way to accomplish the task.

Search is indexed constantly and evolves all the time, but has it has some issues.

The built in search is OK. There is one dreaded issue using a short phrase or term will end up with no results found.

Three letter and less words will not work in the Forum Search. Use Google for stuff like that.

The basic site search, you have some options like the search term, then where to look, search titles only, then by member.

You can also leave out the term and just enter a person and their stuff will pop up.

Then you can go advanced and work through some fancy stuff like dates and the sort.

If needed just post up an ask for anything you might have a need for and someone will jump in.


There are some other shortcuts like using normal your normal web browser Google Search and then putting the website in the search.

There are a few ways to do this.

Let's stick with is OD term since it's shorter then the normal forum search option.

The full version, use the term site: in front of the website then the term you want to search. OD



If you drop that "site:" in front of the deal it still works just it waters it down a bit you will get the main page and the little hint that the top result does not contain OD, you can click on that "Must Contain: OD"
And it basically goes back to the first example.

Search Term: OD



Using just the following also provides some watered down results but gets OWF to be the top results and it falls off fairly quickly.

Search Term:
Oldwillysforum OD


So using Google I found adding that term Site: in front of the website really worked the best.


Good luck searching for that 10mm socket, hope this will help someone out. If you find a easier way to search for stuff always up for learning faster ways to do this stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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