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Oct 6, 2009
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I have been generating a small amount of interest in my homebuilt rotisserie and have decided to put this up, hope it's ok with you Pete.

OK, to start I will list what I used for material

251" of 2 1/2"x2 1/2"x 3/16" wall square tubing, this material provides the base and main upright. Base is 60", upright is 41 1/2" to center, leg is 24".

48" of 2"x2"x1/8" square tubing for the gussets on the main post, 12" each.

64" of 2"x2"x1/8" angle, this is used to bolt the body to, each piece 16".

18" of 2 1/2" round OD with a 3/16" wall for the main pivot point and 20" of 1 15/16" OD or the equivalent to slide inside for the rotation point, this should be a nice snug fit for obvious reasons.

Approx 15' of 2"x2"x1/8" for spanning the body and attaching the pivot point to.

Some small pieces of 1/4" plate for attachment points.

6 coasters with a 6" wheel but you could put anything that rolls easily here.

The hooks are lifting points for an overhead hoist system.

This is a fully welded project and if you do not feel comfy doing it yourself PLEASE have a qualified person help you if you are planning to build this, remember it will hold the ENTIRE weight of your project. I built this from what I saw on the internet and what was floating around in my own head, make whatever adjustments/improvements you see fit.
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Here are some pics.


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I will add another gusset to the rotation point when I transport it to the soda blaster in the spring. Overall it was not a hard project and could be easily adapted for another project or for a frame. If anyone has any questions please let me know, I will answer them the best I can. :cheers:
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Thanks Chris. What is the total height from the floor to pivot center? I have a couple of engine stands and thought about modifing them to work. Thanks Chuck
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51 1/4" to center, my casters are 7 3/4" off the floor, I can rotate about 352 degrees +-. I have seen the engine stand style before, was hot a couple years ago on another board, guys were using them for Landcruiser wagons, they were all using HF stuff, seemed to work OK.
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Damn fine stuff. I'm all about home fabrication and this is an excellent example. Now if I only had the room to play. :thumbup:
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73fj said:
...hope it's ok with you Pete....

Excellent post, this is great stuff and the kind of info that I'd like to see more of on the forum. Perfect for Tech Week too!

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Excellent post, this is great stuff and the kind of info that I'd like to see more of on the forum. Perfect for Tech Week too!


I thought it might be a relevant project seeing how all of us are rebuilding old iron.
Chris, I got my rotisserie built and installed. You were right about the top heavy. I moved the pivot point a couple of inches higher. It still wanted to turn. I also went about 4" taller off the floor to pivot point. Wish I hadn't. I have to rotate on its side to get out of garage. It is the right height to work on floor board and quarter panels. My camera went with my new son-in-law to Kuwait. New models will be hitting the stores in a couple of weeks with 14 mega pixels. Same price as the 10 and 12 mega pixels. I will post pics as soon as I get new camera. Chuck
Is it unmanageable? If it wants to spin away on you try adding some tension to the lock down bolts in your rotation points so they are dragging a bit, I can easily handle the truck body with or with out the bolts tightened down.