Ross TL12 question


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Dec 15, 2020
San José, Costa Rica
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1956
I´m thinking to rebuild the steering of my Willys SW L6-226 1956. It´s a Ross TL12 and has a play of approx 3 inches in the steering wheel that make me feel unsafe. Tie rods ends and arms are OK, the play are inside the steering box and turning more their adjusting screw just get to lock the steering.

My question is: how many ball bearings it use (2 or 3?). Have not disarmed yet but some videos I have seen from similar steering boxes (M38) show it uses two bearings, both into the steering box itself. However, some diagrams in the manual show a third ball bearing in the upper part of the steering column, just down the steering wheel.

I will appreciate any advice or experience regarding que proyect.