Right Angle Drive (1962 Truck)


Bigger Hammer
Feb 27, 2011
Springfield, Vermont
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1960
Found some pics of my old 1962 truck which had a belt drive on the back. I bought it in the early 80's, it was being used as a farm tractor. Paid $895 for it. Had a wooden bed, don't know if it ever was a pickup.

In these shots I have just taken the bed off and rolled it onto the snowbank.
The bumper was just a big old hunk of lumber.
Re: Right Angle Drive

Great pics....ive never seen the chrome strip wrap right around the cab like that before my 64 wagon had the same chrome strip....also like the belt drive my 51 truck has the same hole in the cross member behind the gearbox and the mounting point on the rear cross member...anymore shots of how it comes off the gearbox and into the cross member?...... i think you can tell from the serial number if it left the factory as a PU,stake bed or cab chassis or a cowl windscreen ...my 51 has a letter d or something similar stating that it came as a cab chassis which than had a locally made flat bed ute back put onit ....cheers mike
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That's a nice set up on the back. I haven't seen a set up like that in years. Bet you wish you still had it.
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That could make some interesting work on a farm I suppose. I am not a farm boy though so kinda hard for me to know.

Nice older pics though.

Re: Right Angle Drive

Here it is when I first got it. Wood bumper and all.

I drove it almost 2 hours to get it home. Wipers didn't work (pouring).
Popping out of second. Found I could pull the choke out a smidge to solve that.
Re: Right Angle Drive

The frame behind the cab was weak so I had a guy fishplate it. I bought a used Western plow and had that put on.

They screwed it up, had the push bar way too far forward. The plow stuck out too far.

Great Memories.....I like the pic's and glad you posted...the chrome rap on the cab is unusual...wheres the truck now?
My Dad offered to build the body so I took him up on it.

I had plans to build a wing for plowing snow so he left a space behind the cab.

I recently tried to contact the guy I sold it to. His wife told me he had died seven years ago and she had no idea where the truck went. Someday when I'm in the area I might ask around at a couple of local garages.
Here is how the truck looked when I sold it. I still want to try to find it, there probably is nothing left of the wood body by now. One thing I did to it that may help identify it was that I put an exhaust stack behind the cab with a raincap on top.

I really like your old Willys! I hope you get to find it one day. For some reason, these trucks are so unique looking, it seems like they always hang around as opposed to getting crushed, like more common "blah-cars". It's probably hanging out somewhere. You just need to find it.

I'm equally attracted to the old Ford in your photos. My truck in highschool was a 1982 F100 Flareside. It was medium metallic blue top and bottom, with a light silver metallic in the middle. I built up the 300 straight six it had in it to 300 rear wheel horsepower. It was barely streetable, but that truck beat a lot of really quick V8 powered trucks/cars back in the day. With the 292 Iskendarian cam I had in it, I would shift it at 6300 rpm. It sounded like an old Jag XKE at full tilt. It was full of Offenhauser and Clifford performance parts. It's only down fall was the crumby SROD aluminum 4 speed with OD. 1st and 2nd gear were screamers... shifting into 3rd felt like I had missed a gear. 3rd to 4th shift was ok. I eventually put a 5 speed out of a later model F150 in it, and that fixed the gearing problem. Mine was a two wheel drive, but I really wish it was a 4x4 the whole time I had it.

Great trucks.