Replacement Radiator For 1965 CJ5 - Is There An Affordable Aftermarket One?


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Oct 29, 2014
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What's most likely the original radiator in my 65 CJ5 / F-134 has developed a noticeable leak and I am not surprised. Replacing the radiator has to happen someday.

In scoping out replacements, I see what's supposed to be correct for around $500-$600 and I admit that's a bit pricey to me.

Looking on Ebay for aftermarkets, it seems 1965 is bad year. All the ones out there guarantee fitting up 63/64. I've had enough heartburn on this one since it seems to be just a bit different in a lot of ways. Has anyone else found an aftermarket workaround? If I have to get the high dollar one then I have to but I figured I'd ask first.

Since the radiator will have to be swapped, I'll replace the water pump since it's original and look at one of those aftermarket under dash heater systems. I don't want to have to fool with the cooling system again in a major way if I don't have to.


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Jul 3, 2012
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is the leak from the tank? or the fins? have you priced having a local shop rebuild your current radiator?