Removing Timken rear axle for a Dana 44 from wagon.


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Jan 7, 2014
Woodstock, Georgia
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My 1951 Willys pickup has a very rough Timken rear axle and I'm buying a Dana 44 from a wagon to install... I know the hubs will be different... but I have new drums, shoes, cylinders, backing plates, etc already on my Timken axle... I think these are all the same... what do I need to change on my drive shaft? Are yokes and u joints compatible?
Can't wait to get back on the road but this old Timken is just too noisy and clanky to go on any further.
The rear axle you want is from a 65-70(ish) 1/2 ton Jeep truck. These are the right width and bolt pattern (5 on 5.5), all you need to do is weld new perches.
Of course you could get lucky and find the dana 60-2 installed on some ealy 1970s 3/4 or 1 ton trucks. dana 60, the right width and 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. Cool beans!

Another cheap option is to get the dana 44 on Honda passports, right width, wrong bolt pattern (6 bolt +disc brakes).
If you were to find a good usable Dana 53 from a pickup, make sure to get the U-bolts and Plate that goes with the 53. U-bolts from the Timken are too large... Other than that, it's a bolt-in deal. And you can reuse the drums hubs ect.. Yeah,
I know, I'm the only soul on this planet that doesn't have an "upgraded, stronger than Krytonite" axle.....

On the other hand, I drive my little pickup nearly every day..
There are various companies that sell the right spring perches new for axel swaps. Depending on the size of your axel tube, they make them from 1.75 all the way up to 3". I'm putting a 9" with 3" axel tubes, but with 1.75 width spring perches, because I'm retaining the Willys springs. Here is a company that sells a wide variety of items for swaps in the Willys.
Alright... my anxiety has the better of me... while I'm waiting for my Dana 44 to arrive from a Willys Wagon... how far off will the width be? can it be used at all?
The Wagon axle is about 51" vs. the pickup @ 57", brake backing plate to brake backing plate. I hope this
Axle project....

The Wagon axle is about 51" vs. the pickup @ 57", brake backing plate to brake backing plate. I hope this

You're welcome..Too bad you're on the right side of the country.. I'd be glad to give you
a good usable Timken axle..But, it has 5.38's. I put bearings in it last year and it's complete,
drum to drum...Oh well, there's bound to be the axle of your choice just around the corner.
Here's hoping you get it at a good price.........
I have both a Timken and a Spicer 53 with 5.38's I also have a 4.88 Spicer. All from pickups. Which ratio do you need?
I'm in Mass, lots of guys drive down the coast and back with pickups. Maybe we can talk.
alright.. I received my Dana 44 in from UPS... my stubbornness just made me install it in place to see what I have.... I know its not right, but actually it fits... I can rig spring supports and get some new hubs (Dana 44 hubs are different). I will need some stock wheels with less offset and it seems like it will work. I'm really not out anything but some labor at this point... I'll post some pictures later... I really wanted this Dana 44 with 4:27 gears. Greg, I'll let you know if this doesn't work at all.

Thanks everyone

I missed the fact that you wanted 4.27's. I got that too! I used to build Jeep differentials in another century.
I'm surprised the brake assembly clears the springs, but you may get out of this jam yet!

Hopefully you can find a wheel with the right offset, I would advise against using spacers, they are known for failing. I personally had one fail on the front of my Landcruiser at 65 mph with oncoming traffic....