removing front brake drums


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Mar 10, 2011
Brandon Florida
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I need help getting my front drums off my 1955 wagon 4X4? Do I need to pull the locking hub off?And if so how? I was told to pull the three screws off the front of the drums, what screws don't see them!
If your front axle is like the Dana 25 on our '65 wagon, here is how you can proceed. You should get yourself a manual as soon as possible.
1 take the locking hubs off, probably held on by 6 9/16" bolts.
2 using a flat screw driver or punch and hammer, pry back the bent washer that holds the big nut
3 remove the second washer
4 pull the entire hub/drum assembly (with bearings inside) off
5 turn the assembly over, attach to a 'workmate' and from the inside, grind off the 5 heads of the splined and swaged lug studs. Do not attempt to drive the lug studs out the way you would expect... that will bugger up the hub and you will have to buy a new one.
6 Once the heads are carefully ground off, using a punch, drive the lug studs out from inside the drum. Support the hub or it will separate from the drum and fall on your foot resulting in you waking up half the neighbourhood with your yelping!
7 Throw the drums away and install some Chevy disc brakes as shown here:


Thanks for the help. I'm keeping the drum sense I just bought all new parts. But with what you sent me I was able to get it figured out. Thanks Darrell