Rear Shackle Upgrades


Bigger Hammer
Jun 26, 2010
Willys Model
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Let's get some option/opinion on rear shackle upgrades. I only need a couple of inches and don't want to go anywhere near an axil-over swap. I've replaced the springs (Walcks) and all the attatching hardware including the stock shackles but I don't have enough lift on the stock for my 31" meats without some nasty rubbing on turns. It rubs even worse with the Ms. in the passenger seat so that's like being asked if this dress makes me look fat, "No honey, it's those darn stock shackels".

-Any supplier out there that offers longer than stock?
-Anybody with a custom fab set up that can offer pictures?
-Any possible donor parts from another vehicle?

good info for all Willys restorer/rebuilder folks.
I am planning on doing some small lift shackles on my wagon when I do the spring replacement next year. From what I have found there is not any supplier out there for the exact correct size. I did send a message to Warrior products that makes lift shackles for early CJ's and they advised to test fit them with new springs and bushings and add a washer or 2 on the inside if needed for proper fit then weld the washers in place to give the correct inner spacing...

My 2 cents from looking around at the same options. Pretty straight forward and simple if ya ask me....
Eric B
Con-Fer makes a 2" extended shackle to fit these Willy Springs, (or at least they used to). I got mine from a local 4WD shop when I lived in CA. My guess is they would still be available. I only used them on the front to even things out. I think there's a decent shot of them in my gallery, if you want to take a look.

Thanks for the insight. I will look into Con-Fer and see if they are still available.