Rear leaf springs Help!!!!!


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May 27, 2010
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I took off the rear leaf springs of my 59 wagon, driver side had 9 leafs, the passenger side has 12 ??? There are 3 extra on the bottom of the pass side. Can I remove them? also I have new bushings for the front and rear eyes. What is the best way to install the eyes ? Does it matter which one is the front or back.( I turned them around so many times painting them I have forgotten). What is the best way to remove the half or worn out old ones (BFH)? How important is the center pin?..... Do the bushing fit snug or is there play in them? Thanks for any help.. :shock:
Couple answers here.
9 leafs and 12 doesn't sound quite right. Look at getting matching springs.
if the springs have been re-arched it might explain the 3 extra

Honestly don't know if there is a front or rear on the spring for mounting.

Removing the old ones with BFH would work. Carefull not to mess up the eye in the process.

Installing new bushings put them all in the freezer the day before you plan on installing them. Take a set out as you install em. Use some white lithium grease to give some lube on them for install. After time in the freezer they will be easier to get into the spring eyes without damaging them. (Cold shrinks them)
Once they warm up there should not be any play at all.

Center pin is very important for keeping your leafs centered onto each other and it's the reference for the axle to sent into before installing new u-bolts.

Hope that helps
Thanks for the info.. Wife will like the freezer part... :D
I replaced all four of my PU springs with new ones (including pins) from Walck's. BIG improvement in ride, handling and steering. If you stick with what you have, I highly reccommend replacing the center bolts.
Thanks wally just ordered center pins. I'll take the bottom springs off and make them 9 leaf. thats was the book calls for anyway.. :thumbup:
Ok I put the rubber bushing on the back. How do I install the two rubber bushings on the front pivot shackle on the front of the rear spring?? I have the one with the large head bolt on the outside. I have the split rubbers. When i put both in the eye it will not go up on the pivot eye? Any help ???? :shock:
I also recently replaced my front and rear leaf springs on my 55 stock pickup.

After doing a bit of research, it became somewhat clear to me that the replacements needed to be as close to stock as possible, which also suggested made in USA.

The first part of the process included replacing the front springs, which was about a 2.0 hour job for the front. Its pretty straightforward, although a somewhat clumbsy and dirty. I replaced everything that I could, which included new pivot bolts and front shackles. The shop manual will provide some pointers, in particular torque settings. In very rough terms, make sure that the truck frame is both elevated with support and that the wheels are barely touching the ground as once you remove the u-bolts which secure the axel to the springs, the frame will lose support. I started with the shackles, and then removed the rear pivot bolts. The good news is that assuming the bolts are all greased, removal isnt to bad. For the pivot bolts, once the nut was removed, I then threaded it back on about 1/4", and a couple of hits with a hammer and it loosened up. Do one spring at a time.

The results were suprisingly impressive, the front not only sat higher, but it no longer sagged on the drivers side.

I then ordered springs and pivot bolts/shakel for the rear. The rear is pretty much the same process as the front, only the springs are a bit more in terms of weight. I did both the front and rear by myself, 2 saturday mornings (one morning for the front, and the next for the rear)

I ended up purchasing the springs from Walcks, made in USA, reasonable and as close to stock as I could get. I did prime and paint them (rustoleum spray paint) prior to assembly. Walcks has (or had) a special whereas there was no charge for freight for orders over $150. Living in CA, and not needing the springs overnight, helped sealed the deal.

To net it all out, a tremendous improvement in both ride and look, good quality materials, and glad that I did it.