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Jun 15, 2010
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Well trying to get parts together for my brakes as it looks like I almost got enough snow melted to get the truck into the shop. Currently lookin at upgrading the front to disc the rear I am not sure what my options are as I haven't even got them apart. Are they self adjusting or manual? Is it possible to upgrade them to either disc or if manual to the self adjusting with the ebrake installed.
I know you can upgrade the manual adjusters to self adjusters, not sure of the process. I know that the ones on my wagon were converted before I bought it. Guy I bought it from said he got the parts off a postal jeep, that may make getting parts harder to figure, but all are in great shape for now.
stock drums are manual adjusting. should be two adjuster nuts on the backing plate.

You can Do either Drum or Disc in the rear, there is a build on here(dont recall which thread) that upgraded to 11" self adjusting drums for the rear from TheJeepGuy, i just recently bought the same kit for my front axle, he also sells brackets for a rear disc upgrade also. What are you plans for the master cylinder?
on the mastercylinder i was going to replace it with a dual instead of the single. Also going to have to run new lines as well. i will have to look into that didn't know there was a dana 53 rear disk upgrade. i knew there was one for the front just not the rear.
I used the rear brake set-up off a 73 cj-5 with the Dana 44 rear axle and it fit perfect on the Dana 53 in my 62 pick-up. Someone does make the rear disc set-up for the cj's, can't remember who, but it will most likely work on the 53 axle.
Eman said:
...there is a build on here(dont recall which thread) that upgraded to 11" self adjusting drums for the rear from TheJeepGuy...

I did the 11" rear brake kit from TheJeepGuy. You can read about it here.


It was a bolt on swap, very easy.

Yep the Drum kit was Pretty easy to install on the front also, Eric has a nice guide for a Front Disc swap - viewtopic.php?f=24&t=456
using a chevy backing plate. Ryan(TheJeepGuy) sells a Disc kit for the font, and also has brackets for the rear(not posted on his site)

If the Rear dana 53 drums brakes are the same as the 44, then either kit drum/disc should defiantly work ^.^
OK so how do I verify if the 53 and 44 are the same. I know if you go to Kaiser Willys or any other place that sells drums they don't specify axle. They show that the 11 inch drum fits the truck and wagon is all. I gotta figure more out with this dana 53. Any body do the 53 rear conversion? If so any differences between it and the 44?
Does anyone know if the 1972-75 Jeep CJ rear 11" self-adjusting drum brakes will bolt onto our Dana 44 axles? I'm looking at buying an entire axle assembly and swapping over the brakes. Wheel cylinders are $5 and complete hardware kit is $6 at It sure beats the hell out of paying $40 per wheel cylinder for our drum kits. Plus, they'll be self-adjusting. My only worry is that the hub or drum may be different. I think the 72-75 Dana 44 may have been 30 spline, so the hub wouldn't work. If ours are a different depth that may be a problem. And I know our hubs are mounted outside the brake drum. I'm not sure how the CJ is, or whether the drums are identical.