Rear donor axle for the Pickup

54 pickup

Bigger Hammer
Jan 20, 2010
Willys Model
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I`m looking for a D60 og GM 12bolt to replace the Timken in the rear. What donor has the right width for the pickup?
Ok,this what i know from actual measurements and doing axle swaps on old Chevy trucks.A GM 6 lug 12 bolt 62-72 is about 62 inches wide,from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface.73-87 GM 1/2 ton 5 or 6 lug is about 64 inches wide,wheel mounting surface.Some of 73-87 are 12 bolt,most are 8.5 10 bolt.The width measurements might vary slightly from year to year so always measure before buying.The 88 and up 8.5 10 bolts are quite a bit wider.
Properly set up 8.5 GM 10 bolt with aftermarket axles is as strong as a 12 bolt.
Ford 9 inch is the way to go. I got one from a full size 82 Bronco. It's a posi with the correct width and the same bolt pattern as the Willys truck. I used a front pumpkin from a 63 Willys wagon with 4.11 ratio and changed the ring and pinion on the 9 inch to match. Speedway motors has good prices for a new ring and pinion.