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May 13, 2010
San Jose, CA
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I have a 55 Willys pickup, in the final stages of restoration, with small details to go.

I came across a Bendix 12Bw on ebay, it was in resaonably good shape, changed the tubes and cleaned it up, and ready for install. I was also somewhat fortunate in that the radio came with the delete panel, so it should all be plug and play, assuming the things works.

The manual is unclear as to 2 things, first of all there is a threaded bolt on the top center of the radio, which I beleive is for a support type strap. Second, theres the issue of the speaker, in terms of where (and how) Willys installed them. I have been unable to find any pictures on this, and wanted to ask if anyone had a radio and speaker installed, and if so would post some pics of what this looks like under the dash.

Thanks - Ron
I struggled with this one and chose to modernize instead of retro-fit. I used a couple of mini-box speakers on the back wheel wells and trimmed the radio door to accept a new unit. Ipod and UBS drive compatible. It's blasphamy I know but mine is pretty far down the road so I figured WTF.[attachment=0:35zwj9v3]047 (2).jpg[/attachment:35zwj9v3]


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