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Oct 19, 2010
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Hey I am wanting to convert my 1960 Wagon 4x4 to powersteering. Any suggestions on how to do it, any certain pump or componants that I may need to do so?
I want to do this as well on my 62 and will be researching it soon, but if anyone already knows that would help
Doughunts and Wicked...:

OK, this is a very common upgrade, but, first, what engine do you have tucked in your vehicle? If you have to fabricate brackets for the pump and add a two belt crank pulley, it can be a bit of work and cost $800-$1000 depending on what you install.
Here's my attempt:


I have a 327 small block chevy in my Willys. I am really new to this stuff and need some help haha!
Doug, if you don't want to reinvent the wheel, but make your life easy, contact Willys America. They sell a bracket that welds in place to mount the new box. Any older chevy box will work if it was bolted to the inside of the frame on that car. Pickups, camaros, monte carlos...

They will tell you and sell you what you need to do this, minus the actual box and pump stuff. Any other vendor for Willys stuff will be able to as well. I just like putting in a plug for WA. :)
Thanks man, ya i am all about doing things the easiest way possible. It doesn't have to be the cheapest way for me, but easiest!
Contact Hermtheoverdriveguy! He just completed the final touches on a wagon conversion kit, I have been hounding him for months and it is now ready to go. I just need to be ready for the parts before I can place my order, but he has the mounting kit, pitman arm and tie rods all set up for use with a Ford Power steering gear box and pump.
I have an olds 350 already has a 2 belt pulley i could probably find a stock pump and braket, would just need the box and mouts