Poll, should the trucks be included too?

Should Willys Trucks be included in this new forum?

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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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  1. 1960
Starting to wonder if I should include the trucks too...

Hi, new guy here. It can't hurt to include the pickups since they and the wagons share so many features. :)
I think it's a great idea to have a site focused just on wagons. There is so much to be explored and shared about wagons. There is a lot to share about trucks too. I guess you could change the name of the site to include trucks. I agree with others that the trucks and wagons are very similar in many ways and the history is closely intertwined.

I will love it either way.

Thanks for putting this together.
I'm thinking not. I love the trucks, but any other forum you go to includes wagons, trucks, jeepsters, jeeps, FC's...so my vote is - keep it as wagons only.
aquawilly54 said:
...but any other forum you go to includes wagons, trucks, jeepsters, jeeps, FC's...s

This is the reason I wanted a site for Wagons... there didn't seem to be much focused discussion on the net without sorting through info for every kind of Willys ever made.

If I were to include the trucks, it would most likely be on a parallel site with a cross link to this one. That way, good info posted on either side could be available for each other. Since the trucks share so much with the wagons, it seems like a natural to me.

For now, I think I'll just stick to getting this forum off the ground, and not bite more than I can chew...

I voted no. I like the idea of being specific to the Wagon (since I don't own a Willys Truck :mrgreen: ).
Give it some time, I'm sure there are a lot of Wagon owners that will eventually find their way here.
I vote no...I really like the idea of just having a wagon site. Wanna be a truck owner someday but for now I'm enjoying the heck out of my wagon!
I love the style and shape of the wagons and hate to share any "spot light" with the pick-up. But, even the logo the Administrator has for this forum looks like the Jeep could be a SW or PU...I would say yes...the Purest Jeep People don't consider us as Jeeps, where a Willys. JMO I'm new here to the forum...I had a '51 2x4, sold it and miss it so I bought a 62 4 x 4 out of Denver...shipping to Georgia :-D
splinterguy said:
Glad to see you decided to keep both trucks and wagons on the board.

It was a bunch of work to change everything to include both, and then do it all again to get them under one domain name, but I think it will be worth it as the site picks up more steam...

I'm also glad you added the trucks. As stated they are so much alike it makes sense. :)