Poll on parts needs


Precision Fit
Oct 23, 2009
Citrus Heights & Tahoe
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Willys Model
  1. Pickup
Willys Year:
  1. 1954
I have opportunity to buy rolling chassis with complete drive train. (truck less all body work) for less than $500
Includes tornado engine carb to pan, radiator, tranny, transfer case, axles Dana 44etc..
No idea of condition, was driven into shed and parked 14 years ago...
I only need a tranny and overdrive.

Anyone interested in other parts? Whole engine? Carb, manifolds etc?
If there's sufficient interest would buy and part out as long as I could get some money back out...sell at reason price, carteing/packaging and freight/shipping costs....last thing I would want is to take the thing to the recycler

Any takers?
Wish you were closer I would hit you up for the 6-230 tornado engine. Probably be spendy to ship and without looking it over hard to know if it would be worth shipping charges.